Restoring the Promise of Youth: By Daniel Makinda & Dollrose Odiala

The peer educators program is an initiative of the Stop AIDS Now project that works on the premise of training youth to become effective intermediaries and co-participants in the project in implementing the strategies towards reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence in the community.

We work closely with the Project leaders towards sensitizing the youth in our community on matters relating to their sexual and reproductive health and rights; drug and substance-abuse; and economic empowerment.

Daniel Makinda, the Chairman of the Youth Peer Education Program adds, “The life-skills training we have been provided through the program has changed our perspectives and thinking on the social development of our community. I have gained extensive knowledge and skills on sexual and reproductive health rights including the negotiation of safe sex, abstinence, faithfulness to one partner, behavior change and even on issues such as voluntary medical male circumcision. Through the program, we are also provided with training to improve the economic position of youth in the community where unemployment is very high. Some of the training we have received includes training on horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry farming, and tailoring, dressmaking, and hairdressing businesses. The training also covers entrepreneurial skills training, micro-finance training and skills training on how to establish and manage agri-businesses. I have particularly benefited from the agribusiness training since I am now a farmer. I hope to expand my production capacity using the skills I have acquired through these trainings and also to eventually become a trainer of trainers.”

“Through the Peer Educator Program”, says Dollrose Odiala (also a peer educator), “I have gained the confidence to be an effective co-participant in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our community through the SAN Project. I am able to make informed choices for my life and to teach other youth in the community, by example, the right choices for their lives. I intend to leave my mark by actively engaging the youth in our community on the issues at the heart of this project through school campaigns and using social media platforms.”


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