August 10, 2016

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Department

Overall Objective

To contribute to eradication of poverty by promoting self-reliance of poor household and buliding flourishing communities.

Specific Objective

The project purpose is to reduce poor health in the target community by increasing access to food, water and sanitation. 

Project Interventions

To achieve this objective, the key interventions built into this project include:

  • Improved access to safe and sustainable clean water through provision of water tanks to Primary schools to enhance rainwater harvesting, Construction of shallow wells and protection of springs.
  • This project also ensures access to improved sanitation through construction of latrines for primary schools.
  • Improved hygiene behavior in which the community led total sanitation approach is used to encourage the target community to construct their own latrines using locally available materials, to put up tippy taps and to take care of their environment.
  • Improved environmental care and natural resource management in this, the target community is encouraged to plant trees and to protect water catchment areas.